The Raptors 905 franchise is excited to partner with Smilezone Foundation this season to raise money to build "Raptors 905" themed Smilezone spaces at the new ErinoakKids Centre for Treatment & Development Mississauga location.

This transformation project is one of a kind and a unique opportunity for Raptors 905 to impact thousands of kids throughout the GTA. From October 2018 to March 2019, the goal is to raise $25,000 which will go directly to support this incredible project at ErinoakKids Mississauga.  

Below is the list of Raptors 905 home games where 50/50 raffle tickets will be sold:
Saturday, November 17 - Winning ticket #A-481883, $1017.00
Sunday, December 2 - Winning Ticket #A-347071, $1350.00
Saturday, December 29 - Winning Ticket #A-254372, $2267.00 - UNCLAIMED!
Friday, January 4 - Winning Ticket #A-172773, $1712.00
Sunday, January 13 - Winning Ticket #A-185385, $1577.00
Saturday, January 26 - Winning Ticket #A-122633, $840.00
Saturday, February 23 - Winning Ticket #A-503627, $1970.00
Sunday, February 24 - Winning Ticket #A-134857, $1352.00
Saturday, March 2 - Winning Ticket #A-126413, $1577.00
day, March 26 - Winning Ticket #A-205574, $730.00 
Full schedule HERE 

The Raptors 905 is looking forward to earning another victory off the court in its partnership with Smilezone Foundation, where together they can put smiles on kids faces across the GTA. 
This incredible partnership with the Raptors 905, gives Smilezone Foundation to funding means to transform:

1. the main reception area;
2. the main hallway; 
3. the youth room; 
4. and the gymnasium at ErinoakKids Mississauga!

Smilezone Foundation and ErinoakKids Mississauga are overwhelmed with appreciation for Raptors 905 and the amazing Raptors 905 fans who are making this project possible. To express this appreciation, the youth room and the gymnasium will be Raptors 905/Mississauga themed to give the clients at ErinoakKids a true Raptors 905 basketball experience!

Check back here for more details regarding the project progression!